Maternity Gold!

I have had so many friends recently announce their 1st, 2nd or more pregnancies and I started to think back to when I was pregnant with both my boys and what items made my pregnancies easier (both of them had issues!).

No matter what season you are pregnant in, you need to feel good in your maternity clothes. I really struggled to find items that I loved. Either they were too frumpy or too tight around my belly – I never felt comfortable about wearing form fitting maternity clothes…hell! I don’t even wear form fitting non-maternity clothes! Like the bandage dresses, etc? They weren’t for me. Now, if you feel comfortable in those dresses, go for it! Just wasn’t for me.

Especially JEANS! Maternity jeans either fall below the belly or you can find ones that go over the belly (my preference) but before you get a big belly and you can’t fit into your normal jeans anymore, what do you do? You get one of these bad boys!

Seriously, my life saver during those early to mid pregnancy months when I was growing out of my every day clothes but the maternity stuff didn’t quite sit right.

This is the Love Your Bump Belly Belt! I wore it for each of my pregnancies and also postnatal when (again) you can’t fit into your regular clothes but you are sick of you maternity stuff! This comes with either button, or hook and eye and it comes in different sizes, so it grows as your belly grows. It also comes with a little piece of fabric that you attach to the belly belt expander to cover your open fly but most times I just wore a longer vest underneath my top which covered the area as well.

So what you do is you leave your jeans unbuttoned and attached the belt expander to the jean/trouser button on one end and then your button hole on the other end of your jeans/trousers attaches to the belly belt expander. Like I said it comes in different widths so you never feel like your jeans or trousers are going to fall off.

Here is the link to it on Amazon…

It’s worth every bit of £16.95, in my book, and you save loads on not needing to buy maternity clothes until further into your pregnancy and then it’s so fun trying on clothes with your bump!

I hope this has been of some use to you. Enjoy your pregnancy journey and try to rest…believe me you’ll need it on the other side. xx

Primark Haul – Spring 2019

This is my first EVER Primark Haul! I’m pretty proud of myself for actually getting time to shop the majority of the store (for one) and then for being organised enough to not only record a video for my YouTube Channel (check out the Haul video here!) but to take some pictures of the items before they get all used and dirty!  

I initially went shopping for my little dudes but ended up coming away with not only some great buys for them but also myself and the house! Anyway… check out the link at the top to see everything I bought & I’ve included a little pic below of some of the items I purchased. 

Your Preggo Body Remembers!

Exactly two years apart. Same dress and almost the same size bump! Except in 2014 I was a little over 2 months away from giving birth and in 2016 I was FIVE!! 😳

They are correct when they say your body remembers! I had a sizeable bump by my 12 week scan the 2nd time around! That saying my 2nd baby was almost 2lbs bigger than my first as well! 😳😁

My Fashion Buys Dec 2018

I am just a mum trying to be fashionable in and amongst raising two little boys. As any mum will know we sacrifice our fashion desires but not our fashion sense… the moment we have our little darlings.  I am better off and more comfortable wearing jeans and a jumper most days but I do like to find some lovely pieces and even better….at a good price! I have been scouring the online shops since Black Friday and have picked up some great deals that I wanted to share with you all!

By the way…before I forget, THANK YOU to every single follower and person who has read my blog or watched me on Instagram.  I have fallen in love with blogging and Instagram and it means so much that you actually like my musings and thoughts (I know it changes on a daily basis!)

Growing up my teen years in America Black Friday was crazy! So even though we don’t have the pre-festivities of Thanksgiving over here; it is nice to be able to save some cash before Christmas. I have managed to grab some festive jumpers, my Christmas Eve and Christmas day outfits and some other bargains all in the sales! Take a look at see what you think.  You can also see any updates on my Instagram Stories…so please take a look when you get a chance.

Here’s what I’ve found!

Very has some good deals on at the moment. I don’t usually buy from Very. No idea why not it’s just not a shop that springs to my mind when I think of shopping. But I got this lovely Christmas jumper (which I wore to see Father Christmas over the weekend!) and also this gorgeous red cami that I plan to wear Christmas Day with some stretchy black trousers and a black bolero. This cami is lovely and isn’t tight either so enough give to just float over that food baby that I’ll get Christmas Day!

I ALWAYS go to House of Fraser for a good deal. I really think their sale items are some of the best bargains! As you all know I’m always conscious of my mum tum…especially as I have a dairy and gluten intolerance I can get some massive flair ups. I wore this gorgeous top out for dinner with my mum and because of the shape I just felt so confident in it! Plus it’s a BARGAIN at £18! It comes in a wine colour as well!

I also got a Petite red wrap dress from Issa London at House of Fraser! I am in LOVE with this and am wearing to my Christmas party this weekend! It’s also a bargain at £39 from £99!

Lastly was Debenhams – I always find Debenhams a hit or miss with me but they now stock Wallis and I love me some Wallis Petite clothes! The jumper isn’t petite but I like that it’s more tunic length so I can wear with skinny jeans or jeggings for a comfy Christmas Eve look. The trousers I just had to get! They were true to size with some extra room for comfort and they fit my short legs perfectly! Plus they have glitter so what’s not to LOVE!?

Lastly I snagged a Star by Julian MacDonald evening jacket. I don’t really have any evening type jackets to wear when I go out so this is perfect and I plan on wearing it over my red dress for my Christmas party this weekend!

I have linked all the pictures so they should take you directly to each website page. Happy shopping and go bag yourself some bargains! Love Steph xx