Bespoke Anniversary Retro Sweets Gift Box

We are celebrating our six year wedding anniversary this month. It says that traditional gifts for 6th wedding anniversary ate sugar or iron. We decided to get ourselves a wood fire pizza oven (so there’s the iron part!) But I also wanted to do something fun for my husband for the sugar tradition!

As you guys know I have started up my gift business and one of my featured items is bespoke gift boxes. So I thought! What’s better than an anniversary gift box filled retro sweets for my sweetie loving hubby!

I painted my gift box a lovely gold and white with a gold lace trim and personalised the top of the box with Happy Anniversary! I collected a nice bundle of 80s sweets (which I had to sample some myself!).

The sweets will be demolished by my family in the next week but the gift box will be something my husband can use to store items in for the future. And that is the hope of these gift boxes, that once the items inside have been used the actual box can be used over and over again for various things.

Learning Something New!

As you all know I am in the process of starting up my own business which will feature handmade and personalised items and designs.

Well, for Christmas I got a pyrography kit (wood burning!) and I plan to start using this on my keepsake boxes so I can personalise them and also for bespoke pieces for customers.

I’m so excited to start practicing and perfecting this technique and hope to produce some amazing pieces for you all!

Stay tuned for my first effort shortly!

Little Village Gifts!

Hello there! I have always been a creative person and now I’m getting a little free time back I thought I would start to experiment with different projects I’ve had going around my head for a while now. So, Little Village Gifts was born! It’s early days yet and I hope to have a website dedicated to my designs very soon but I’ll also post in here from time to time so you can all see what I’m up to!

I’m hoping that my designs and gifts will be loved as much as I have loved creating them. I’m excited for you all to join me on this creative journey!

Milestone Birthday Memories

My husband finally caught up with me and turned 40 in October!

His actual birthday was on a Thursday and he spent the evening at our eldest son’s 1st school disco! Ha! I couldn’t make that up! But after the disco (and him showing those 4 year olds just how to bust a move!) we had some of his oldest and best friends over for pizza with their kids who are around the same age as ours. It was a lovely end to his birthday.

For the birthday CELEBRATION I organised a night out on the following Saturday night which included private dining at a Michelin Star restaurant with a great group of friends. I find my husband SOOOOOO hard to buy for and had been scratching my head and scouring Pinterest for ideas. I came across an idea of a memory book with messages from friends and family and took it to the next level by asking for pictures as well!

I feel my husband doesn’t realise how loved he is and I wanted him to know what his friends and family actually thought of him…..(mostly all good!)

I contacted loads of his friends and family, including friends from his childhood he hasn’t heard from in years, ex-work colleagues and crazy Uni mates. I asked them all to send me over a memory of their time together, a birthday wish or tribute…. and include a picture of them with my hubby (if they had any…no digital cameras or smart phones back in our school days!) When I got the messages I typed them up and printed them out on card stock and then printed out the picture that was sent and stuck it on the back of the same card. I hole punched the card and bound them together with a ring clip, so it was easy for him to flip through.

People said such lovely things about the hubster …I was touched reading them myself and I was so excited for him to get his present and see all the messages.

I presented the book to him at the beginning of his birthday dinner and he was so surprised! I think all the lovely messages did take him back a bit and I could tell he was very touched by all the lovely wishes and surprised at who I had managed to get a hold of! Some of his primary school friends he has now reconnected with on Facebook!

At the end of the day it was the simplest gift that meant the most to him. It’s been almost two months since his birthday and I still catch him re-reading the messages and smiling at the memories/stories and pictures. I’m so glad it’s a gift he will cherish for years to come.

Now…what am I going to get him for his fiftieth!?