Cherish The Impromptu Moments

Today my almost three year old, Sam, fell asleep on me. Something he hasn’t done in a long time. Those minutes snuggling him took me back to when he was so little; when he was a baby baby (not a toddler baby)….to those exhausting days of feed, cuddle, sleep; and repeat.

Sitting on the sofa, holding him, thoughts popped in my head. I heard myself saying…”but the washing needs folding”, “you still need to empty the dishwasher”, “five minutes and then I’ll put him in his bed”. Then I said to myself…NO! You HAVE to enjoy these impromptu moments. Cherish each and every one. The washing will wait but he is getting so big!

This time next year he will have been allocated his Primary school and starting school the following September!

Now I’m getting ready to fold the laundry, iron, pick up my eldest from school and then get him ready for swimming, homework and then dinner.

I love my hectic life and my two rambunctious boys but I do go from one thing to the next constantly! I think that’s why having those moments today with my youngest was so nice and a reminder to slow down and enjoy this time. It will be gone all too quickly. Motherhood – the mundane and amazing can happen in the same moment.

Mummy Blogger Worries

It’s been about 3-4 months since I have fully thrown myself into blogging. As a parent/lifestyle blogger I’m obviously going to write about what I know about and experience on a daily basis and that mostly revolves around my children.

This has been a hard one to reconcile for me. When my eldest was born I was SO protective of what pictures of him were on social media, who could see them and even banned my family from posting pics for a while.

As time went on I found that I really wanted to share important moments in the boys’ lives with friends and family so I started to post more. I joined Instagram but it was a private account. Then I got brave! I made the account public and shared stories of my life with the unknown and mostly of the back of my boys’ heads! 🤣

I started to want to share certain parts of our lives and for people to see their little expressions on their faces. The boys still aren’t featured loads – well maybe they are 🤣- but instead of stressing over it all I’m just going with the flow and posting pictures that I HOPE they won’t be embarrassed of when they are older. I am fully aware that what I put out on the internet will be with them their whole lives and so I want to be mindful what that will be. Plus I also try to be mindful of not posting too much about their lives/ our lives.

At the end of the day I’m still an Uber protective mum. I just love sharing some of what we get up to with all of you! So that being said, if there is a super cute picture I’ll definitely be posting it! 😉

Back To The Future……

It’s my husband’s birthday today. He FINALLY turns 40 and meets me in our new decade! I have been collecting pictures of his past years from friends and family and found it increasingly harder to get pictures of when he was at school  Of course! No digital cameras back then….no mobile phones! Everything was taken on film and developed or, in my Mum’s case, Polariod!…usually with one or more peoples’ heads being cut out the picture! I started to have a think and compare the world that my husband and I grew up in to the world our sons will be growing up in.

Oh what a different world we live in now. Sometimes I wonder is it better with all the mod cons or was growing up back then..better? One house phone with a chord (ok I remember that being super annoying! Especially when I was waiting on a call and my Dad ignored the call waiting beep!)706_cream_2

No microwave – no convenience food! (Ok so my meals were healthier and we didn’t eat out very often but I remember mum cooking for a long time and the washing up after was always a killer! )YES! No dishwasher either!washing-up





Cars (if you had one) were smaller!And even though the cars haToyota_Corollave gotten bigger the roads over here haven’t! I’m a quivering idiot when it comes to driving my car on a road where cars are parked either side! ARG! I think I actually do scream while driving up the road. My boys think I’m nuts! 🙂


Actually SPEAKING to people – instead of losing yourself in your phone! Making eye contact when we speak. Being courteous and respecting to our elders and having to write in complete sentences! I do love my social media, iPhone and texting but even I can’t make out some of the texts I see from kids 20 years younger than me!

I guess I am looking at my childhood and comparing it to the one my boys will experience and….I can’t do that.  Things are so different since I was a child that there IS no comparison.  I hope my boys can navigate the most fun and hardest time in their lives with grace and with no major drama! You hear such horror stories now of what kids have to go through.  Did we have to go through that as children as well? Was it just not talked about since we had not social outlet? Are things so different now?

Who knows….I just know that my childhood was pretty good and I hope the same for my boys…no matter what decade they live in.