My First Time At B&M

Today I uploaded my FIRST B&M haul on my YouTube Channel! B&M HAUL | MY FIRST VISIT | JUNE 2019. I can’t believe it’s taken me until the ripe old at of 41 to discover the wonders of that store!

I had, obviously, heard of B&M and seen what bargains some people had bagged but I just either forgot about going or wanted to go without the boys so had to pick my days! Today was THE DAY! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜

If you want to see what bargains I was able to score, please check out my video πŸŽ‰

Thank you for watching!

Steph xx

Learning Something New!

As you all know I am in the process of starting up my own business which will feature handmade and personalised items and designs.

Well, for Christmas I got a pyrography kit (wood burning!) and I plan to start using this on my keepsake boxes so I can personalise them and also for bespoke pieces for customers.

I’m so excited to start practicing and perfecting this technique and hope to produce some amazing pieces for you all!

Stay tuned for my first effort shortly!

Heart Art Box Frame

This lovely heart art box frame can be put together with just a few items. It’s a simple way to add a new, eye-catching little piece to your home.

Heart Box Frame – Supplies Needed:

β€’ White box frame (Hobbycraft)

β€’ Loctite Glue

β€’ Dovecraft printed paper (Trimcraft)

β€’ Wooden butterflies (Hobbycraft)

β€’ Scissors

Step 1 –

Gather your supplies and start by cutting out a heart shape on a piece of cardboard. This will be your template.

Step 2 –

Use your heart template and cut out the hearts using different paper. I like it when the patterns on the papers compliment each other but aren’t too matchy matchy. .

Step 3 –

Once you have your heart shapes, arrange them on your white background and see what design you would like to work with. Then start gluing the paper to your background! This is the fun part! Start getting creative! 😊

Step 4 –

Glue on your wooden butterflies (or whatever else you would like) to your picture. I also added some green vine to mine.

Step 5 –

Place your design into your box frame and there you have it! A Valentine’s (or whenever) piece for your home.

Enjoy! 😘

Little Village Gifts!

Hello there! I have always been a creative person and now I’m getting a little free time back I thought I would start to experiment with different projects I’ve had going around my head for a while now. So, Little Village Gifts was born! It’s early days yet and I hope to have a website dedicated to my designs very soon but I’ll also post in here from time to time so you can all see what I’m up to!

I’m hoping that my designs and gifts will be loved as much as I have loved creating them. I’m excited for you all to join me on this creative journey!

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up……

This past month has been a blur! Will started school, Sam started nursery, I FINALLY had my vein op on my leg, I am STILL planning Mark’s birthday and today Will if off school with his first school sickness! With everything always being so hectic in my house I find it hard to find any time to actually just BE and to think a little about ME!

I have ALWAYS known that I wanted to be a Mum when I grew up and I got my wish four years ago. Two baby boys later, I know full well that being a Mum is a full time commitment but what else do I want to do……

I know that I want to write and so I’ve set up this blog as well as actually starting to write an ACTUAL book! Something I have wanted to do for a long time! The blog is more for me – a way to document my family life and also give me a chance to speak up on issues that are important to me and that I think really need a voice. The book….well. My Dad wrote and published two books during his lifetime and I know I have at least two or more ideas that have been banging around my head for years now. So I thought I would try my hand at it and see what happens. Perhaps he has passed on his writing genes?!
I also have a few ideas for short stories, so maybe I should start there? I’m not sure. I know I have all this creativity inside still dying to be expressed and, as a performer, I need to express myself. I’m still planning on auditioning again and performing again but with the boys being so little, late night rehearsals need to wait, just a little bit longer.
So I thought that now is the perfect time to use this time to write and get those ideas, thoughts and stories down on paper for, hopefully, at least a few people to want to read!

I’ve also started a gift business! I actually started it a couple years ago, after Sam was born, but with a newborn and joining a MLM company (more on THAT in another post!) I didn’t have time to fully commit to it! But I have started to create some different pieces for our new house and thought I should see if anyone else might be interested in them….so Little Village Designs has been reopened!

There’s so much I want to do! I have a tendency to rush into things and want to see fulfilment straight away! I am conscious not to do that this time…just see where everything takes me and enjoy the ride. My number one focus is always my boys and my family so they come first…everything else needs to slot in around them. And I’m confident the right ventures will.