My Cleaning Schedule

I have always loved a good list and planner but if you were to ask me pre-kids if I liked to clean and had a cleaning SCHEDULE! I would look at your as if you had two heads and run away! 😁

I’m not saying that having a cleaning schedule is the ONLY way to get stuff done but, for me, it offers peace of mind and I don’t feel overwhelmed thinking that I didn’t get round to something today or when I don’t clean I don’t freak out that everything will get in top of me because I have my schedule.

We recently moved to a much larger house than we had previously and to keep on top of it all without a cleaner I knew I would need some kind of schedule. I didn’t want to spend all my days cleaning and not spend it with my boys so the schedule was born!

I promise you all that I still have a social life and my kids DO go out the house but to achieve all this; a house that is (relatively) clean and organised and be able to have days where I an say “EFF it I don’t NEED to do any cleaning today,” I needed this list! So….here it is!

Everyday we have fun! But we ALSO pick up and clean our mess!

Monday: Downstairs dust, hoover, mop, laundry
Tuesday: Kitchen deep clean and laundry
Wednesday: Bedrooms dust, hoover, clean bathroom and wash towels
Thursdays: Spare rooms and bathroom quick clean and spruce up and laundry!
Friday: Garden pick up (if needed) and laundry!
Saturday: Food delivery

Every night.
We pick up the toys, clean up the kitchen from dinner, run our RoboVac (we have a Eufy) and prep the boys for school/nursery the next day.

Some days I don’t clean at all but I don’t stress about it because I know that the day will come around in the schedule to focus on that area and I’ll get it done then!

Every Few Months

Every few months (usually on a Friday) I focus on one room that needs either organising or a deep clean.

I keep a note and alert of what I need to do and on what day on my phone calendar. This way it takes out all the stress in trying to remember it all and I just focus on what I need to do that day. EASY! And that’s the way I like it! 🙌🏻😊