Bespoke Anniversary Retro Sweets Gift Box

We are celebrating our six year wedding anniversary this month. It says that traditional gifts for 6th wedding anniversary ate sugar or iron. We decided to get ourselves a wood fire pizza oven (so there’s the iron part!) But I also wanted to do something fun for my husband for the sugar tradition!

As you guys know I have started up my gift business and one of my featured items is bespoke gift boxes. So I thought! What’s better than an anniversary gift box filled retro sweets for my sweetie loving hubby!

I painted my gift box a lovely gold and white with a gold lace trim and personalised the top of the box with Happy Anniversary! I collected a nice bundle of 80s sweets (which I had to sample some myself!).

The sweets will be demolished by my family in the next week but the gift box will be something my husband can use to store items in for the future. And that is the hope of these gift boxes, that once the items inside have been used the actual box can be used over and over again for various things.

How I Met Mark

Every year we celebrate milestones in our life together. One special day we always celebrate is the day we met. Completely by chance and I was definitely not dressed the best! 😊

We met 22nd July 2011 and the reason I know the exact date is because, back then, I used to carry around the BIGGEST black daily planner. I wrote EVERYTHING in there and by chance found it a year or so later and saw I had written that I was meeting up with my friend, Linz on the 22nd for drinks after work. Which is how I met him; Mark and his mates gate crashed our night out 😊

Mark is best mates with Linz’s hubby and they decided to go out in London as well that evening but decided to meet up where Linz and I were meeting – The Prince Regent in Marylebone (good pub, by the way!) 😉 I had no makeup on, frizzy hair and completely exhausted after a long week at work and definitely was not out to impress anyone. Mark just started talking to me normally. No chat up lines or awkward come-ons which I welcomed as I had just gotten out of a bad breakup so wasn’t looking for anything at the time.

Minutes turned into hours and we all decided to go for dinner. Mark and I talked most of the night and at the end he asked for my number ….which I gave him! He will say I gave him the wrong number but he was walking and writing it down at the same time and you know how men can’t multitask! 😉 It’s a good thing he double checked my number with Linz as we went out the following weekend and 3 months later we moved in together. I think it was fate! 😍