Primark Haul – Spring 2019

This is my first EVER Primark Haul! I’m pretty proud of myself for actually getting time to shop the majority of the store (for one) and then for being organised enough to not only record a video for my YouTube Channel (check out the Haul video here!) but to take some pictures of the items before they get all used and dirty!  

I initially went shopping for my little dudes but ended up coming away with not only some great buys for them but also myself and the house! Anyway… check out the link at the top to see everything I bought & I’ve included a little pic below of some of the items I purchased. 

The Journey So Far….

It’s been 6 months since I started my blog and YouTube Channel, so I thought I would take some time to reflect on the journey so far.

I’ve had my Instagram account for over two years now and it’s been growing very well over that time. I find that it’s nice to have this blog as an outlet when I want to write more than my little square on Instagram can contain and it’s a nice way to tie the two together.

I’ve found YouTube a little harder to get going. I’m not sure why except perhaps time? It’s find it’s easier to shoot a video but it’s much more time consuming to edit it down to something that others would want to watch! As an actress I’m LOVING being in front of a camera again (even if it’s just my iPhone in my kitchen!) so I’m hoping my videos are coming across as fun for you as well. I’m trying to show a range of subjects and topics and not just stay with motherhood and parenting (as there is much more to a mum than that!).

I’m hoping my YouTube Channel will grow into a one stop shop for people. A place where mothers can come and watch a video on a Primark haul and then one on me musing on the life of a 4 year old and maybe a review on a go to product that parents definitely need in their parenting arsenal!

I’m loving the fact that I am documenting more of my life as a mother and more of what we get up to a family. The good and the not so amazing. I want this blog, channel and everything that goes with it to be an honest documentation of our life. I know that the phrase honest parenting has been done to death but I believe that we all need to see that it’s not all rosy all of the time; it can’t be, that’s pretty impossible but I hope I can give my own take and account on this parenting malarkey.

Anyway, I’m enjoying my little corner of the internet more than I thought I would and becoming more and more confident with each video shot and each blog written. Thank you AGAIN (I know I say it ALOT) for joining me on this journey! I wonder what the next 6 months will hold!

Sometimes It Doesn’t Go To Plan

As I’ve said before, I’m no guru in the kitchen but I do like to try out and create new recipes and, if they are a win in my house, I’ll happily share them with you all!

This was a pizza fail from this half term break. I LOOOOVVEEE pizza and so does my eldest son. My toddler could take it or leave it. I KNOW! What’s up with that?! Anyway….I used a gluten free base (so Mum could have a sneaky slice or two!) and put on the toppings which (for my kids) is just tomato base and cheese. Bunged it in the oven and ran off to chase my toddler to the toilet as we are potty training.

I had the timer on but I’m still getting used to the new oven and didn’t check it, so when the timer dinged I ran in to get the pizza and yup….that’s what you see above; a charred treat for the taste buds.

Will cried, I cried and then we both got over it. I made another pizza and we both (Sam decided not to have any) enjoyed it. I had to try the burnt one…but wow, it was too far gone!

I just wanted to say that no matter what someone posts on their feed, FB, Twitter…there is the reality as well. You best believe I wasn’t going to post this epic fail! But then I thought, why not?! It’s life, it’s MY life and it happened. All the dinner time chaos, the meal planning, the potty trainings that happen in and amongst a “well-planned” day is what life is all about and how we deal with it and move on. I didn’t just laugh it off right away, I was annoyed and my boys were tired and hungry but we got over it (I might have had a glass of wine) and then it was fine.

I hope that this blog and my videos help you see and connect to the real Steph. The one who is trying her best, who does mess up but who rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck in. I’m an open book so what you see is what you get. Poor you! 🙂

Pizza fail! But I still had some……someone in the house had to, right!?

Your Preggo Body Remembers!

Exactly two years apart. Same dress and almost the same size bump! Except in 2014 I was a little over 2 months away from giving birth and in 2016 I was FIVE!! 😳

They are correct when they say your body remembers! I had a sizeable bump by my 12 week scan the 2nd time around! That saying my 2nd baby was almost 2lbs bigger than my first as well! 😳😁

Becoming Mum

I came late to the Mum-Party. I didn’t get pregnant with my first son until I was 35 and he was born a week after I turned 36. During my pregnancy (which was NOT the easiest!) I felt intrepidation, like most mums-to-be, but I thought..”Hey! How hard can it be?!” Women have been “Becoming Mum” for YEARS! I got this! It’s a natural part of life!

WRONG! Oh…haha! How wrong I was! After a VERY LONG labour and delivery my little son was placed in my arms and I thought…now what?! Oh! I had to breastfeed! What the actual HECK?! The only breastfeeding I had ever tried was during NCT class with a crocheted breast and a baby doll…this squirming new born and my massive postnatal boob was not cooperating with each other! There were tears (mostly me) and then there was some latching and HOLY HELL no one said it would be that painful! But my little man seemed to be getting milk so we were all happy (I found out about 5 days later that he hadn’t been getting any and then I had my first bout of “MUM GUILT” – that’s definitely another post!)

In those early few weeks and months the confident 30-something year old women who had lived abroad and performed on stage and relied on her belief in herself was reduced to a timid, second-guessing, weeping shell. I realised very quickly that it was implied that I should know exactly what to do in every situation, which I really didn’t and no matter how many books I read on “Becoming Mum” could prepare me for the little life that relied solely on me! I had held babies before in the past but was always very tentative with them…never wanting to break them 🙂 Now I was doing everything for the little man and everyone seemed to think that I should know what to do. That it was intuitive. To a point it was, I guess. I mean my mum instinct to keep safe, feed and take care of him came into play but little things to bathe him, how to deal with a poonami nappy, how to soothe him, how to make bottles etc…was all new and at every turn when I felt I didn’t know what to do and had to ask for help, I felt like a failure.

The months went by, my newborn became more robust and his little personality started to show. I started to heal (physically and mentally) after a very traumatic delivery (another post!) and my confidence started to return. Now I’m a mother to TWO little boys and to tell you the truth I am still figuring how to navigate this motherhood malarky but confident Steph is emerging again and making friends with Mum Steph…I think we will be a formidable team!

Have you experienced the loss of confidence? If so, what were some lessons you learned? Comment below and share!

How I Met Mark

Every year we celebrate milestones in our life together. One special day we always celebrate is the day we met. Completely by chance and I was definitely not dressed the best! 😊

We met 22nd July 2011 and the reason I know the exact date is because, back then, I used to carry around the BIGGEST black daily planner. I wrote EVERYTHING in there and by chance found it a year or so later and saw I had written that I was meeting up with my friend, Linz on the 22nd for drinks after work. Which is how I met him; Mark and his mates gate crashed our night out 😊

Mark is best mates with Linz’s hubby and they decided to go out in London as well that evening but decided to meet up where Linz and I were meeting – The Prince Regent in Marylebone (good pub, by the way!) 😉 I had no makeup on, frizzy hair and completely exhausted after a long week at work and definitely was not out to impress anyone. Mark just started talking to me normally. No chat up lines or awkward come-ons which I welcomed as I had just gotten out of a bad breakup so wasn’t looking for anything at the time.

Minutes turned into hours and we all decided to go for dinner. Mark and I talked most of the night and at the end he asked for my number ….which I gave him! He will say I gave him the wrong number but he was walking and writing it down at the same time and you know how men can’t multitask! 😉 It’s a good thing he double checked my number with Linz as we went out the following weekend and 3 months later we moved in together. I think it was fate! 😍

Heart Art Box Frame

This lovely heart art box frame can be put together with just a few items. It’s a simple way to add a new, eye-catching little piece to your home.

Heart Box Frame – Supplies Needed:

• White box frame (Hobbycraft)

• Loctite Glue

• Dovecraft printed paper (Trimcraft)

• Wooden butterflies (Hobbycraft)

• Scissors

Step 1 –

Gather your supplies and start by cutting out a heart shape on a piece of cardboard. This will be your template.

Step 2 –

Use your heart template and cut out the hearts using different paper. I like it when the patterns on the papers compliment each other but aren’t too matchy matchy. .

Step 3 –

Once you have your heart shapes, arrange them on your white background and see what design you would like to work with. Then start gluing the paper to your background! This is the fun part! Start getting creative! 😊

Step 4 –

Glue on your wooden butterflies (or whatever else you would like) to your picture. I also added some green vine to mine.

Step 5 –

Place your design into your box frame and there you have it! A Valentine’s (or whenever) piece for your home.

Enjoy! 😘