Baby Keepsakes

I can’t quite believe that my littlest baby is turning THREE next month! It seems like only yesterday I gave birth to my him! I have always made a conscious effort to record special moments and milestones in the boys’ lives. I have baby books ( one more written in than the other! 🙈), I have kept the boys’ first haircut clippings (not all of it just a small curl each 😉), I have kept all they birthday cards and I try to record via either video or picture most of their every day moments.

Hand & Foot Outprint Framed – £68

I had been looking at getting hand and foot imprints for my first born and decided to try it myself with disastrous results. So started to look around locally and came across Carol at Feat of Clay.

Carol started Feat of Clay when her children were younger. She hand makes all items in her home studio in Woodley and is very lovely to work with and my boys both were great with her!

I originally had my eldest son’s done when we was almost 6 months old and knew that I wanted my 2nd son’s hand and feet outprint taken when he was little as well so went straight back to Carol. I decided on outprints instead of imprints as I felt you can see more of the little hands and feet. In my opinion, I just liked it better.

I have gone back to Carol for hand print mugs for grandparent gifts, hand print plates and also baby’s 1st Christmas hand imprint ornaments.

I love looking back at these little hands and feet that were once my newborn babies’ and my boys love comparing their hands now with their baby hands.

I highly recommend visiting Carol if you are local to the Reading area as she couldn’t have been more welcoming or helpful. It’s a keepsake you will have for generations and pass down to your kids. A great investment piece that will bring you lots of happy memories for years to come.

* This was not gifted and is an honest review*

A New Mum Must Have – Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Since my boys are getting bigger I have been thinking back to items that I could NOT have done without when I was a new mum and the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is one I always recommend new mums to buy or have on their list. My husband and I call it the Baby Nespresso machine! It’s just so easy to use!

When I was pregnant with my first son I swore I would breastfeed him and had the pump and all that came with it. But all was not plain sailing- he didn’t latch well, I was a nervous mum and I felt pressured to be able to breastfeed..after all is was the most natural thing in the world, right?!

It must have been our 2nd night home with him and he was screaming, I was crying as my nipples were literally one big sore and I felt that I was failing. My husband mentioned that we had the perfect prep machine downstairs and why not just try it as our baby needed milk. I gave in and boy was it the right thing to do! He had a teeny few ounces and fell straight asleep. I cried happy tears and we all snuggled. It turned out that my breast milk never fully came in so my baby was hungry – I was so upset. The prefect prep machine saved my sanity. I still supplemented the formula with my minuscule breast milk that I managed to pump but nothing really came in and my son was happy with the formula.

The Perfect Prep Machine is so easy to follow. It literally takes two minutes to make a bottle that is drinking temperature the baby. Cleaning it is super simple as a button will appear when you need to change the filter or clean it out. You can also use it with different brands of bottles, if needed. Just so versatile! You can make a small 4oz bottles up to 11oz bottles.

You better believe when our second son was born I was straight on the Perfect Prep because I knew it worked. There was less stress and I still supplemented with my breast milk.

My know they say breast is best…but if your situation is similar to mine then feeding your baby is best and less stress is best!

I tell every friend of mine who is pregnant with their first or even second or third baby to buy a Perfect Prep Machine and every time they love it! I’m not saying to not breast feed but if you can’t, then this is the way to go; and if you can, then this is a great way to ween or even just have as a back up.

It definitely worked for my family.

Maternity Gold!

I have had so many friends recently announce their 1st, 2nd or more pregnancies and I started to think back to when I was pregnant with both my boys and what items made my pregnancies easier (both of them had issues!).

No matter what season you are pregnant in, you need to feel good in your maternity clothes. I really struggled to find items that I loved. Either they were too frumpy or too tight around my belly – I never felt comfortable about wearing form fitting maternity clothes…hell! I don’t even wear form fitting non-maternity clothes! Like the bandage dresses, etc? They weren’t for me. Now, if you feel comfortable in those dresses, go for it! Just wasn’t for me.

Especially JEANS! Maternity jeans either fall below the belly or you can find ones that go over the belly (my preference) but before you get a big belly and you can’t fit into your normal jeans anymore, what do you do? You get one of these bad boys!

Seriously, my life saver during those early to mid pregnancy months when I was growing out of my every day clothes but the maternity stuff didn’t quite sit right.

This is the Love Your Bump Belly Belt! I wore it for each of my pregnancies and also postnatal when (again) you can’t fit into your regular clothes but you are sick of you maternity stuff! This comes with either button, or hook and eye and it comes in different sizes, so it grows as your belly grows. It also comes with a little piece of fabric that you attach to the belly belt expander to cover your open fly but most times I just wore a longer vest underneath my top which covered the area as well.

So what you do is you leave your jeans unbuttoned and attached the belt expander to the jean/trouser button on one end and then your button hole on the other end of your jeans/trousers attaches to the belly belt expander. Like I said it comes in different widths so you never feel like your jeans or trousers are going to fall off.

Here is the link to it on Amazon…

It’s worth every bit of £16.95, in my book, and you save loads on not needing to buy maternity clothes until further into your pregnancy and then it’s so fun trying on clothes with your bump!

I hope this has been of some use to you. Enjoy your pregnancy journey and try to rest…believe me you’ll need it on the other side. xx

Sleep is Over-Rated….Said No Mum EVER!


I knew that those newborn nights and days would be hard and sleepless when I became a Mum and I was prepared for that. I was prepared for the wakes every 2 hours which meant once the baby wakes, you feed the baby, burp the baby, rock the baby to sleep, put the baby to bed (without waking baby), crawl back into bed….you get about an hour before the whole thing happens again…..totally prepared for that.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the toddler and little boy wakes in the night. I swear my boys plot during their bath time when they are going to wake Mummy up (because it’s NEVER Daddy!) Oh no….Daddy could sleep through a freight train going through our bedroom and wake in the morning and ask why the room was a mess! I get many mornings when he wakes and comments that the boys slept through last night only for me to turn over, give him a glare and say…they were up twice and one was even in our bed!

Anyway….back to my non-sleeping angels! My toddler, Sam, has been particularly hard to settle most evenings. He has always wanted Mummy and cries when Mummy leaves his side and, two years on, it’s not as intense but still the same need. Once he settles at bedtime he can wake a good couple times in the night. Usually just wanting Mummy or water, but he doesn’t settle well after waking.  He was waking his brother up as well, who needs his sleep as he has just started school. He doesn’t usually wake up Sleepy McSleepy pants next to me who is usually in his nice cozy slumber, typical!

A had a lightbulb moment a couple weeks ago. We transferred him from his cot to cot bed a couple months ago and, as a result, stopped using GroBags so he could get out of bed, if needed. Which worked well but also meant that he kicked all his covers off during the night and was getting cold! Which, in turn, was waking him up! I Googled what to do about this and read that Gro-Store also does a Gro to BED!!! WHAT?!

So the Gro to Bed is an all–in–one duvet cover, bottom sheet and pillow case set that keeps the duvet in place and helps to prevent little children from rolling out of bed by zipping the duvet to the fitted sheet and the pillow is fixed so it keeps not only the duvet on the child but the child from rolling out the bed!

Sam was very excited about his new bedding with moons and stars all over it. I was worried how he would feel being zipped into the bedding as he does move around ALOT during the night but having the security of the duvet over him must have given him a comforted feeling as he slept through the night and when he woke he wasn’t cold! BRILLIANT!

I’d highly recommend the Gro to Bed if you are finding it hard to transition your toddler from cot to cot bed. It’s that little bit of familiarity that they are used to with their GroBags that comes with them to their big boy/girl bed.

I am not one for pushing products on you all but if I find something that works for me…I want to share it! Maybe some of you are in the same boat as me? Try this out, it can’t hurt.

Here’s the link to the Gro-Store website for the bedding. You can also get it on Amazon but for 1st time buyers the company website offers you 12% discount which on Amazon you can’t get (same price on Amazon without the discount).