About My Blog

What’s Stephie Stories all about?! When I wanted to create my blog I thought…do I want it to be a Mummy Blog? Do I want it to be a Lifestyle Blog? Do I want to blog about my new home and decor or fashion? What IS it I want to write about? And, after lots of internal debate, I realised…..ALL OF IT! I’m all of this and more! I don’t want to put a label on who I am and what I am passionate about…I’m passionate about LIFE and all that comes with it!

I’m passionate about being a Wife, being a Mother, being a Friend, food (and drink), finding what clothes and styles work for me as I get older; and also sharing with you my new home and how I’m going about decorating the space! And being ME….I’m passionate about being Steph! At 40 I’m fine saying that…and I don’t think it sounds egotistical to love every aspect of who you are…it takes long enough in life to find that out.

So, on my blog you will see it all and I hope you enjoy!

Love Stephie xx