Outer Space Themed 5 Year Olds Party

Last month I threw a Space themed party for my son who turned 5.

He has been Space and planets mad for a while now so I thought this would be a perfect time to do it.

It was so much fun planning his party. His party was on a Sunday morning and for months before I had been planning his intergalactic party. I thought I’d write down some details of the party for you.

Here’s how we set up the tables for the parry lunch. I had these grand ideas of loads of confetti on the table and then my husband reminded me we would have to clear it all up at the end of the two hours. So I’ve saved them for another time.

I organised Froggle parties for the entertainment. They cater for so many ages and types of party. We obviously chose their Space themed party which included games, magic, bubbles, dancing and loads more. The kids we’re thoroughly entertained for the two hours. And my son left his party with the biggest smile on his face.

I found an amazing lady called Nic on Etsy. (I LOVE ETSY!) Her company is called The Daphne Tree and she specialised in hand stitched tees. I told her I would like it to be a rocket with the number 5 and she did the rest. My son absolutely loved it and it still looks amazing. Even after washing a few times.

His party lunch consisted of the regular food favourites. Sandwiches, grapes, hula hoops, baby bel, party rings, chocolate fingers, carrots, sausages and CAKE! 🎂

Speaking of cake! The lovely Amanda from Cakes By Amanda made the most brilliant space and planets themed cake with chocolate cake and cookies and cream butter cream filling and covered in the bunnies butter cream. I wish it would have been gluten free but I had to sample the teeniest bit anyway and immediately was jealous that I couldn’t have more!

We handed out party bags filled with info cards on the planets, a stretchy alien some other things and also some sherbet dip because they are a blast from my childhood! 😉

All in all it was a great 5th birthday party for my lovely boy. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and we all did as well.

Please be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think! I’d love to know!

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Steph xx

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