Sometimes It Doesn’t Go To Plan

As I’ve said before, I’m no guru in the kitchen but I do like to try out and create new recipes and, if they are a win in my house, I’ll happily share them with you all!

This was a pizza fail from this half term break. I LOOOOVVEEE pizza and so does my eldest son. My toddler could take it or leave it. I KNOW! What’s up with that?! Anyway….I used a gluten free base (so Mum could have a sneaky slice or two!) and put on the toppings which (for my kids) is just tomato base and cheese. Bunged it in the oven and ran off to chase my toddler to the toilet as we are potty training.

I had the timer on but I’m still getting used to the new oven and didn’t check it, so when the timer dinged I ran in to get the pizza and yup….that’s what you see above; a charred treat for the taste buds.

Will cried, I cried and then we both got over it. I made another pizza and we both (Sam decided not to have any) enjoyed it. I had to try the burnt one…but wow, it was too far gone!

I just wanted to say that no matter what someone posts on their feed, FB, Twitter…there is the reality as well. You best believe I wasn’t going to post this epic fail! But then I thought, why not?! It’s life, it’s MY life and it happened. All the dinner time chaos, the meal planning, the potty trainings that happen in and amongst a “well-planned” day is what life is all about and how we deal with it and move on. I didn’t just laugh it off right away, I was annoyed and my boys were tired and hungry but we got over it (I might have had a glass of wine) and then it was fine.

I hope that this blog and my videos help you see and connect to the real Steph. The one who is trying her best, who does mess up but who rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck in. I’m an open book so what you see is what you get. Poor you! 🙂

Pizza fail! But I still had some……someone in the house had to, right!?

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