How I Met Mark

Every year we celebrate milestones in our life together. One special day we always celebrate is the day we met. Completely by chance and I was definitely not dressed the best! 😊

We met 22nd July 2011 and the reason I know the exact date is because, back then, I used to carry around the BIGGEST black daily planner. I wrote EVERYTHING in there and by chance found it a year or so later and saw I had written that I was meeting up with my friend, Linz on the 22nd for drinks after work. Which is how I met him; Mark and his mates gate crashed our night out 😊

Mark is best mates with Linz’s hubby and they decided to go out in London as well that evening but decided to meet up where Linz and I were meeting – The Prince Regent in Marylebone (good pub, by the way!) 😉 I had no makeup on, frizzy hair and completely exhausted after a long week at work and definitely was not out to impress anyone. Mark just started talking to me normally. No chat up lines or awkward come-ons which I welcomed as I had just gotten out of a bad breakup so wasn’t looking for anything at the time.

Minutes turned into hours and we all decided to go for dinner. Mark and I talked most of the night and at the end he asked for my number ….which I gave him! He will say I gave him the wrong number but he was walking and writing it down at the same time and you know how men can’t multitask! 😉 It’s a good thing he double checked my number with Linz as we went out the following weekend and 3 months later we moved in together. I think it was fate! 😍

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