Heart Art Box Frame

This lovely heart art box frame can be put together with just a few items. It’s a simple way to add a new, eye-catching little piece to your home.

Heart Box Frame – Supplies Needed:

• White box frame (Hobbycraft)

• Loctite Glue

• Dovecraft printed paper (Trimcraft)

• Wooden butterflies (Hobbycraft)

• Scissors

Step 1 –

Gather your supplies and start by cutting out a heart shape on a piece of cardboard. This will be your template.

Step 2 –

Use your heart template and cut out the hearts using different paper. I like it when the patterns on the papers compliment each other but aren’t too matchy matchy. .

Step 3 –

Once you have your heart shapes, arrange them on your white background and see what design you would like to work with. Then start gluing the paper to your background! This is the fun part! Start getting creative! 😊

Step 4 –

Glue on your wooden butterflies (or whatever else you would like) to your picture. I also added some green vine to mine.

Step 5 –

Place your design into your box frame and there you have it! A Valentine’s (or whenever) piece for your home.

Enjoy! 😘

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