Long Distance Parents

Last month my mother visited from America. She stayed with us for a month and it gave us time to catch up, for her to spend time with the boys and just see what our everyday life is like.

It’s nice to have her over but it’s always an intense time. Intense in such a way because we frantically try to cram as much as we can in the weeks that we have with each other that it’s not as natural as it would be if she lived in the same place.

Sometimes I long for her to live close by so I could call her up and ask if she is free for me to pop over for a cuppa or if she wants to meet me for lunch or come to grandparents day at school. Right now even Skyping is difficult due to the time differences and that goes for my sister as well.

I cherish every moment with my mum, very picture I have taken of her and my boys and every chat we have all had; as I know, all too well, one day they will end and that I will find very hard to accept.

Now, on to our next visiting trip!

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