Mummy Blogger Worries

It’s been about 3-4 months since I have fully thrown myself into blogging. As a parent/lifestyle blogger I’m obviously going to write about what I know about and experience on a daily basis and that mostly revolves around my children.

This has been a hard one to reconcile for me. When my eldest was born I was SO protective of what pictures of him were on social media, who could see them and even banned my family from posting pics for a while.

As time went on I found that I really wanted to share important moments in the boys’ lives with friends and family so I started to post more. I joined Instagram but it was a private account. Then I got brave! I made the account public and shared stories of my life with the unknown and mostly of the back of my boys’ heads! 🤣

I started to want to share certain parts of our lives and for people to see their little expressions on their faces. The boys still aren’t featured loads – well maybe they are 🤣- but instead of stressing over it all I’m just going with the flow and posting pictures that I HOPE they won’t be embarrassed of when they are older. I am fully aware that what I put out on the internet will be with them their whole lives and so I want to be mindful what that will be. Plus I also try to be mindful of not posting too much about their lives/ our lives.

At the end of the day I’m still an Uber protective mum. I just love sharing some of what we get up to with all of you! So that being said, if there is a super cute picture I’ll definitely be posting it! 😉

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