Our Family Day Out At STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway

When my youngest was a baby we struggled for family outing ideas that would appeal to my two year old and also be baby friendly enough. We don’t live that far from Swindon so we thought a family day out at the STEAM Museum would be a good idea and it most definitely was!

We had never been before so did not know what to expect. The museum is next door to the Swindon Designer Outlet (which was a bonus in my book) but also meant we could park at the outlet and walk to the museum.

Once we entered the museum we knew William was going to love it! Straight away we saw an old fire engine, models of what the streets and shops we like back then and then an actual steam train! William was a bit in awe and it took him a while to get brave enough to climb up and take a look at the front of the train. People forget how big and amazing the steam trains were and I think it’s great for this generation to be able to experience them for themselves.

The museum was large enough that we could take our pram around with our 6 month old and not worry about how large and cumbersome it can be! Sam even enjoyed seeing the trains up close and personal, although he was too little to climb onboard.

We were able to go into a signalman’s box which held a special place in my heart as my Grandfather was a signalman. It was an interactive display so Will was able to move the levers and pretend he was a signalman, just like his great grandfather.

Near the end there were more interactive displays which really got the children involved. Will loved shunting the trains and running after the model train in the Cornish Riviera holiday exhibit near the end. I think this was my Cornish husband’s favourite part! 😉

Our boys were still very little so we decided to head to Giraffe at the Swindon Designer Outlet for lunch before heading home. Giraffe is one of our go to restaurants when we take the boys out for food. They are a o child-friendly with their meals and activities but the adult menu is so varied we don’t feel that we are compromising our tastes when we are eating there.

There was much more we could have seen and wanted to see but with two tired dudes, it wouldn’t have been in our best interests to stay any longer. We definitely plan on going back and now our boys are even older they will enjoy and appreciate the experience even more. The museum puts on an amazing display and it’s so nice that there is some place like this museum around to preserve the heritage and the memory of our great railways! I great family day out, no matter what the ages!

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