Wonderplay, Too! by Fretta Reitzes & Beth Teitelman

imagesWonderplay, Too – Synopsis

The original Wonderplay is an enchanting playbook for parents looking to educate and delight kids from infancy through the toddler years. Wonderplay, Too picks up where the first book leaves off, offering more than 200 games, craft projects, and cooking, music, and dance activities for kids ages 3-6. Developed by the 92nd Street Y this brand new book highlights today’s parenting concerns, including: how to evaluate and limit video games, computer time and TV, and how working parents can make the most of their time with their kids.

Stephie’s Thoughts –

As a Mum to a 4 and 2 year old, I am constantly looking for new activities for my boys.  The like their TV programmes as much as any child but I want them to be content and happy with just playing and exploring their world, without the lure of TV. What I am finding particularly hard at the moment is finding activities that hold my 4 year old’s interest, as well as my 2 year old!

I thought that Wonderplay, Too did just that. It gives the reader so many creative games and craft ideas and they are tailored to children from 3-6 years! Yes, I know my littlest is only 2 but with the actives given I was able to modify slightly, if needed….but the majority of the time I didn’t even need to do that.

The book covers the topics of cooking, science music, art, dance…..all of which, as parents, we touch on with our children but I do find that I run out of ideas, at times…so this is a great book to delve into when needing some inspiration.  For example, in the music section the authors talk about becoming songwriters which appealed more to my older son but I got my younger son to clap and hum along to the song so he was involved as well and then we all performed the song for Daddy when he got home; therefore, tailoring and adapting the activity to fit us all.

I would highly recommend having this book in your parenting library. It’s a great book to reference for ideas when needed or even just have a quick read to get your creative juices flowing. My children are enjoying trying out the activities and I am enjoying creating some wonderful and memorable experiences with my family.

I bought the book from Amazon Used books for £3 plus postage but you can also buy the Kindle edition for £3.99.  Such good value for fun, TV free fun!




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