I realise I am doing this a little out of sync but I haven’t really written a BLOG on WHY I started my BLOG! So, here it goes!

Since getting married and having my boys I have had a feeling like I want to start writing down our lives together. The good, the bad and the ugly…..everything we go through, so when I am older, and my boys have grown up; Mark and I will have these lovely posts and pictures to look back and say “Remember when!”

It’s taken me over 5 years to get started but now I have, I’ve absolutely loving it! I hope you all enjoy reading these posts as much as I love writing them. My hope is that when reading these posts you might say to yourself…”Yes! me too” or “Oh God! That sounds like my kid!” I want to make this blog site a supportive place where we can all share with each other our triumphs and fails.

I hope you enjoy it and please do let me know if you are a mum as well!





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