My Big Brave Boy Started School

So the day came last week when my eldest boy started school. All summer I had a mixture of emotions that ranged from excitement for him to start to utter sadness that I would be losing him. Now, I DO realise that I am not really losing him, it’s just that now I am no longer his main influencer (which might not be a bad thing!) that other factors will start to a shape him as a human being. It’s now my job more than ever to ensure he stays on the right path. It’s so hard not know what will be going on daily with him and to not be able protect him at all times. I hope I have instilled in him that he can ALWAYS talk to me about anything……

OK – that’s a little off topic!

Anyway – the first day of school arrived and little Will was VERY excited to put on his big boy uniform, his book bag and walk to school with mummy, daddy, little brother and the rest of the village kids that morning. He didn’t know anyone in his class as none of his friends from nursery were going to be going to his school but that didn’t seem to bother him. He got stuck right in playing and chatting to other kids. If only I was so confident NOW, let alone when I was FOUR!

The parents left and I AMAZINGLY didn’t cry! I think I had cried enough over the summer break to make up for it. Plus I didn’t want Will to see me sad – this was an exciting day for him and I wanted to keep it that way.

It’s been a week now and he does still seem to enjoy it. He is making friends but still misses his nursery friends and talks about them often- I see a play date in the cards soon!

Dream big, little man and I hope this is the start of an amazing school career for you! I can’t wait to see what you will do! You loving Mummy

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